More snow cannons for Les 2 Alpes

Les 2 Alpes has announced that it is upgraded its snow making facilities with the goal of producing enough snow to cover 30% of the ski area.

This winter the resort is focusing on improved snow production, with the first phase of the project the installation of a new, second water pipe to supply the Crêtes snow factory.

Increased snow-making capacity

This will mean that all the snow-making machines can operate simultaneously, and will allow them to produce over 2000 m3 an hour compared with the current rate of 600 m3 per hour.

The resort is determined to make the best possible use of periods when conditions are right for snow to be produced. Unfortunately climate change does mean that it is less common that this ‘sweet spot’ with an air temperature between -4° and -8° and wind speed under 15 km/hr.


New snow cannons at over 3000m

As well as the new pipe, another project lined up in Les 2 Alpes that shows their commitment to guaranteeing snow whatever the weather is the installation of six new snow cannons alongside the Puy-Salié drag lift at a cost of $800,000.

Water for these machines will be sourced from the glacial lake that formed there several ago. This is a closed system and replicates the natural water cycle – with water recycled via snowflakes.

Snow cannons have never previously been installed on a living, moving glacier at such an altitude and where they will be regularly exposed to freezing temperatures. The cannons will be located at between 3200m and 3400m of altitude.

Visit the snow factory

It is possible to visit the snow factories of Les 2 Alpes on a tour that takes place on Wednesday afternoons.

You will be shown round the ‘usine a neige’ by an engineer so you can see how the team check snow levels and quality and how and when they decide to operate the cannons.

The tour includes a look at snow barriers and snow traps and ends with a look at the mechanics of the Dome Express funicular which carries skiers and pedestrians from 3000m to 3400m.

The tour costs €8 for skiers who already have a lift pass or €32 for pedestrians.

Catered Chalets in Les 2 Alpes

For more details about catered chalets in Les 2 Alpes, and to find the right chalet for you, please contact the Chaletline team on 01822 617761.

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