Red Bull ‘Dual Shapes’ comes to Serre Chevalier

In 2019, Pierre Vaultier broke the internet with his video ‘Shapes’. Back then, based in Serre Chevalier, he created a snowboard course featuring a sequence of features reaching heights of up to 6 meters, lined up over a distance of 250 meters.

Then in 2022, he repeated the feat with his video ‘Reshapes’, showcasing an even more impressive snow pump track.

“Shapes and Reshapes sparked countless conversations. Everyone wanted to try riding the line—some thought it was easy, but most could see how tough it was,” said Pierre.

Reaction to those first two videos were so good that Vaultier has decided to set up a new event open to anyone bold enough to try it: the ‘Red Bull Dual Shapes’.

It’ll take place in Serre Chevalier on 27 January, when almost fifty amateur snowboarders are expected to take part in the 1 v. 1 duel format.

Tempted? You can enter now on their website.

Accommodation in Serre Chevalier

And if you just want to go to watch this amazing event in Serre Chevalier, then please just contact the Chaletline team on 01822 617761 and we would be happy to help.

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