Lac-Intrêts chairlift in Avoriaz upgraded

This winter the Lac-Intrêts chairlift in Avoriaz is being upgraded to a more efficient and faster model.

First constructed in 1975 as a triple chairlift, the Lac-Intrêts was upgraded to a four-person chair in 1986.

New 6-person chairlift

This winter, that will be replaced by a new 21st century Leitner 6-person detachable chair, which uses ‘Direct Drive’ technology and will transport skiers at 6 metres per second.

Improved sustainability

The new lift reduces the amount of materials used in the design and the ‘Direct Drive’ system means that no oil will be required for the motor’s operation.

It’s anticipated that this will lead to an reduction of 5% in electrical consumption. In addition, waste heat from operating the lift will be recovered to heat the staff cabin.

Route of lift will change

The lift will start from the same point as the old lift, but the top station will be moved further to the Haut Forts sector.

This means that the slightly scary quirk of the lift crossing and going underneath the Stade chairlift will end.

Accommodation in Avoriaz

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PS Find out why Avoriaz’s symbol are reindeer antlers

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